Pre-Sales Career Guidance Program

From advice to mentorship and everything in between.

Elevate Your Pre-Sales Career

$50 $39 / month


The Advisor Level is for individuals who seek direct answers and personalized guidance from a presales expert. This level includes a scheduled monthly 30-minute 1-on-1 video call where you can have your pressing questions addressed, whether they pertain to career goals, skill development, job search strategies, interview preparation, industry insights, or anything else related to presales.

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$100 $59 / month


The Mentor Level is designed for individuals seeking more directed guidance in their presales journey, regardless of their level of experience. This level includes regular mentorship calls (2x / month), a skills assessment, and resource recommendations for building both a strong foundation and mapping out your career progression journey.

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Meet Our Pre-Sales Expert

Ron Whitson

Ron is an experienced Presales leader with a strong background in sales engineering and solution consulting. He has a natural ability to take complex software and present it in a simple, straightforward way, and is skilled at connecting with his audience and earning their trust through his storytelling abilities.

Ron is also an effective team leader, with a track record of building and leading high-performing teams. In his current role as Vice President of Global Presales Services, he leads a team of sales engineers and helps others start their careers in this field. In addition, he is a member of the PreSales Leadership Collective, an organization dedicated to supporting professionals in PreSales roles and helping them build successful careers. As a grateful human and lifelong learner, Ron is always looking for ways to grow and improve.