Learn at your own pace.

No shortcuts here. Just tons of content from those that have been there before.

Is Campus Right for Me?

There is no defacto training for pre-sales teams, so once you land the job, you are mostly on your own. We built Campus for pre-sales professionals specificly to address that problem. Campus is a good fit if you are starting out in a new pre-sales role, looking to grow in your current pre-sales role, are interested in parallel career paths to pre-sales, or are looking to break into a pre-sales leadership role. Still not sure? Reach out and say hello.

How Frequently is Content Released?

We are aiming to release a new lesson every week. Each time we release new content we will send out a notification to our customers (hopefully that will be you!). Much of our content comes directly from our audience and the challenges they are experiencing in the pre-sales role. This not only allows us to keep the topics relevant and timely, but gives you a chance to take action on what you have learned.

Do I Need to be in Cybersecurity Pre-Sales?

Nope. The core set of skills in a pre-sales role doesn't change from industry to industry. We started with those core skills and branched out from there. Additionally, there is a tremendous amount of overlap in how pre-sales roles function across different industries. While we can't guarantee everyone's experience will be the same, we welcome any feedback on where we can improve.

Can I Suggest a Topic?

Absolutely! There is a link in the footer for anyone to suggest a topic; the more details the better! We want to share, and shape, our content based on the real-time feedback from those in the "pre-sales field".

How are Payments Handled?

We use Stripe to process all payments and don't store any credit card data of any kind. The last thing we want is our content creation to be interrupted by a PCI audit.