The Ramp Up

Drinking from the firehose is never easy.
Learn how to onboard quickly and make the biggest impact all in your first 90 days.

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Start Off Right

The habits and boundaries you set in the beginning will set you up for success later on.

Ramp Up Faster

Don't just learn the product, but also learn the problem area and common challenges too.

Leave Your Mark

Onboarding isn't just about enabling you, it's your first opportunity to make a big impact.

The Employee Experience

Your Journey Begins

Welcome to the Team

Lesson 1

Improving the Onboarding Process

Lesson 2

Mapping Your Resources

Lesson 3

A Healthy You

Lesson 4

Working With Others - Part I

Lesson 5

Establishing Good Habits

Start Off on the Right Foot

Protecting Your Time

Lesson 6

Do Your Damn Expenses

Lesson 7

Email Management

Lesson 8

Death By Notification

Lesson 9

Owning Your CRM

Lesson 10

Working With Me - Part II

Lesson 11

Setting Goals

Short Term and Long Term Success

How to Build an Onboarding Plan

Lesson 12

30 Days In

Lesson 13

60 Days In

Lesson 14

90 Days In

Lesson 15

Setting Goals You Can Actually Achieve

Lesson 16

How to Build a Growth Plan

Lesson 17

Mastering the Story

The Root of the Problem

The Founder's Story

Lesson 18

The Problem You Solve

Lesson 19

The Marketing Story

Lesson 20

The Sales Story

Lesson 21

Understanding Your ICP

Lesson 22

Handling an Identity Crisis

Lesson 23

Mastering the Solution

Shaping Your Value Story

How to Master a Product in 30 Days

Lesson 24

Domain vs Product Experience

Lesson 25

The Jobs-to-be-Done Framework

Lesson 26

Mapping the Competition

Lesson 27

Be the Customer (Technical Training)

Lesson 28

Finding Industry Experts

Lesson 29

Ready to Make an Impact?

Set yourself up for success early by standing out from the crowd in your first 90 days.
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